2016 demo

by keyhole

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released May 17, 2016

artwork by nick baxter

recorded at HAM studios in DFW



all rights reserved


keyhole Dallas, Texas


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Track Name: death is a doorway
what makes you think that i would ever feel fucking safe
when behind that door hides a world that i cant bare to see
through my perception all i see is deception
this is the difference between you and me
but who’s really my enemy ill never know
behind these walls i will remain
swallow the key keep me contained
my sanity will not sustain
when death is a door way
step outside either way i will die
step inside suspended from my spine
Track Name: distraught
these thoughts will slowly cripple my mind and eventually bring me to my knees
i ask of you to let me be this agony is something you cant see
quiet voices surround me whispering my fate
foreshadowing every step that ill ever make
i no longer know myself another
blank book on a shelf
you’ll never know the beginning or ending to this story
despite my true intentions i am always misunderstood
let the shame make its way into my name

in the wake of my mistakes i begin to give and take what’s been left behind
this narrow path guides me further into the depths of my despair
this cycle continues to wear away the pigment of my skin
leaving a trail of what use to be
i no longer resemble my self

in desperate acts to out weigh the bad with good
i will continue to fail with the uncertainty of my actions
i cant explain this i don’t know where to begin
my patience is wearing thin

see the end
Track Name: out of reach
what is the purpose of living if we are all just pawns to be kept in line
diminishing ourselves of our worth
until we are nothing more than the dirt we walk on
what does it mean to love what’s does it mean to hate
what is consciousness what is right from wrong
mankind will destroy itself given time
these are the many flaws of lifes design

there are so many things that i cant control
the many things that suppress
me the many things that kill me inside
tell me one thing what good am i to a world that never wanted me anyway
i seek no shelter no hope no word
i just wish to understand

(i have no feelings in my limbs)
at first we are held in the arms of the ones who conceived us
and in the end we are forced to bury them only to suffer the same fate
to understand life is to understand death

i feel alone
i couldn’t save you i couldn’t change
i cant save you i cant save anyone
no i am not meant for this earth
i am a wondering soul
Track Name: eucharist
lead to believe that all questions could be answered
by this man who hides his face
existing without a trace
i refuse to feel his grace
my faith has been misplaced
as he continues to plague this race
don’t lecture me i don’t need this religion
to guide my life in the right direction
further spreading the infection that you call the word of god
i will never stand in the shadows of the cross i will never falter
will not be dissuaded when rape betrayal and murder are written within pages of lies
the very pages you choose to read so blindly
you’ll close your eyes when you die to find nothing
losing sight of what’s been said, when will this end
i choose to disobey everything that’s been spit in my face
his flesh leaves a bitter taste in my mouth
this water is poisoned for all to consume
this water has been poisoned for all to consume
there’s no man who sits in the clouds
send me to hell for heavens sake
send me to hell
i will not bow my head for a bastard son
id rather stare in the sun and lose my sight